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Imagine yourself creating technology that has the potential to change the world for the better. From intuitive self-optimizing, self-learning networks, connected cars and connected industry to virtual reality and 5G. You will become part of a business that is defining a new phase of connectivity that will bring intelligent and seamless connectivity through the Cloud.

Working at Nokia you will add to our entrepreneurial spirit to how we work. You¡¯ll be challenged and inspired to do things differently. And with 40,000 R&D professionals and an annual R&D spend of 4.9bn, we¡¯re investing to ensure that you are part of a business that is at the leading edge of technology.

Our innovation engine, Nokia Bell Labs, provides award winning research and development in support of a network vision ¨C Future X - 5-10 years into the future. Imagine building a massively distributed, cognitive, continuously adaptive, learning and optimizing network connecting everything.

And our innovation doesn¡¯t stop there. Nokia Garage is a place created by employees for you to go beyond your boundaries and catalyse innovation. Garage represents a mindset and offers physical possibilities for you to hack, make, dream and share innovative ideas, without R&D regulations, without bureaucracy and without boundaries.

Working at Nokia, you can drive innovation and challenge conventional thinking

Come and feel empowered