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Endpoint security

Initial response with instant threat detection and latest threat intelligence

Nokia¡¯s Endpoint Security Solutions provide network-based defense against threats from malware and botnets. Nokia¡¯s Endpoint Security solutions also ensure elements attached to the network are authorized and authenticated for communications.

Nokia¡¯s solutions for Endpoint Security include:

NetGuard Endpoint Security

NetGuard Endpoint Security is Nokia¡¯s anti-malware solution for fixed, mobile, and IoT devices. As a network-based solution, it is endpoint-agnostic, detecting malware & botnet threats from multiple device types and IoT endpoints. It allows CSP¡¯s to take proactive action to minimize the impact of malware on the subscriber experience and network, protecting brand and contributing to a lower churn rate.

Nokia Threat Intelligence

The Nokia Threat Intelligence Lab focuses on the behavior of malware network communications to develop detection rules that identify malware infections based on command-and-control communication and other network behavior. This approach enables the detection of malware in the service provider¡¯s network and the detection rules developed form the foundation of Nokia¡¯s network-based malware detection product suite.

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